Baritone Voice – Deep, Smooth, Unique

It’s important to choose the right voice for your organization or business. Frank is detail oriented and thrives on perfection with balanced emotion.  Frank is extremely easy to work with and very flexible taking direction and constructive criticism.

Frank loves what he does and he always gives his maximum effort to every project. He strives for perfection for the perfect product.

Frank is perfect for your Radio or TV Spots, Liners and Intros as well as Corporate/Business Video, Explanation/Product/Web Video, Whiteboard Animation, Phone System Recording, ELearning Course, Audiobook, Narration, Web Voice Over.

Frank has a deep voice that provides a unique sound and style, very smooth. Frank has conversational vocal range from Middle aged adult and senior – 30’s – 60’s something.  Frank is Distinct, Casual, Humorous and Friendly, but he can also sound Aggressive, Authoritative, and Powerful.

Frank will produce your VO commercial from scratch if necessary, with all the special effects, sounds, music, etc.

My demos are below and to contact me please email me at Studio@FrankMillsVoice.com

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