I am an avid Tim Tebow Fan and Defender. I was one of the many fans that got annoyed with all of the critical comments from analysts and news media attacking Tim and his football skills. I felt that most of it was unjustified and just plain wrong. So, I started a Tim Tebow fan group (Tim Tebow Fans) on Facebook.

We started with 13 and now have well over 6000 members! It is a special group and thanks to the Tebow fans that have joined the group and supported me and Tebow,  it’s opened the door to Sports Talk Radio & Podcasting and Voice Over as well.

Our Tebow Facebook Group is a tremendous combination of loyal Tebow fans & believers. We all follow Tim for different reasons (Gators, Broncos, Jets, Patriots, Eagles, Mets, ESPN, Tim Tebow Foundation, Night To Shine and many others.

Tebow plays sports with just tenacity and emotion. He is extremely competitive and a winner. He is an amazing role model. I am a huge Tim Tebow fan, believer and defender and still believe he should be playing in the NFL.

Tebow made me look at myself and made me want to be a better man and I am very thankful for the example he sets for the world. His impact has been amazing on many levels, impacting everyone and everywhere he goes.


Our Tebow Facebook Group is a tremendous combination of loyal Tebow fans & believers. If you like Tebow and want to join a tremendous group of his fans, just click the image below and join the Tim Tebow Fans Group on Facebook.


This is the direct link to Tim Tebow’s official website. I hightly recommend following Tim. His quote on his home page says it best ”

TRUE SUCCESS is not measured in physical possessions, but in the amount of lives that you change. Click on the image to go to Tim Tebow’s website.


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