Well after a lot of time, thought, planning, hard work and brainstorming my website is finally live! I owe a lot of folks a big thank you. First my wife Becky. Thank you for you support, friendship and being the best wife in the world, I am so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. Thanks to the big man upstairs. Thank you Tim Tebow, you set the example and made me want to be a better man. Thanks to the folks in the Tim Tebow Fans group on Facebook, especially Ruth, Steve, JC, Desi, Sue, Skip, Joan and all the rest of the 6000 plus members. Steve A and Buck, thank you for getting me started years ago and supporting me, I look forward to working with you. Stacy, Thank you to my friends, MaryAnne, John, Pat, Khris and Steve R for listening. Thank you. Deb, thank you for your hard work and talented design skill for the website. Thanks to my sponsors! Check them out! Things are moving!


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